Transform even the most dull, damaged or dry hair instantly with our in salon professional treatments.

As a professional salon, here at Parker & Dicce we have access to super concentrated hair treatment formulas that aren't usually available to consumers such as yourself.

Under the guidance of your stylist, we can prescribe and prepare an intensive hair treatment that can be applied in the salon for instant results. You can book these treatments to take place on the same day as your cut, blowdry, and/or hair colour appointments for optimal results. 

Glossing Treatment (45 minutes)

 Perfect for hair which is otherwise healthy, but is lacking in shine. 

 A 99% naturally derived treatment with a soothing lavender aroma. Choose from either a clear gloss for ultimate shine or a customised colour additive (skin test required) to enhance your existing hair colour with immediate shine, softness and radiance that lasts upto 6 weeks.

Express Remedy (Instant)

Perfect for hair which has been previously coloured and is slightly dull or damaged, lacks softness and can be difficult to comb through when wet.  

This in-salon treatment is designed to protect and perfect colour radiance for all colour-treated hair types. Immediate performance and instant results: the surface of coloured hair is better protected from water. Active ingredients provide treatment to the hair fibre, for hair that feels instantly protected with a vibrant, shiny colour result. 

Aveda Damage/Dry Remedy Intensive Hair Treatment (10 minutes)

Perfect for hair that is already very dry or damaged.

Aveda's Dry Remedy Treatment range is perfect for hair that is naturally very dry/prone to frizz/difficult to manage/very thick or coarse. Using a blend of organic buriti and pomegranate oils, this 2 step system draws moisture so far inside the hair fibre that moisture levels are improved by upto 86% from the very first application.

Aveda's Damage Remedy Treatment range is designed to treat hair that is chemically damaged/fragile/prone to breakage. The active ingredients of quinoa protein and sugar beet derived amino acids help to rebuild the protein bonds in the hair, leaving every fibre strengthened, more elastic and less porous. Improves damaged hair by upto 84% in one service.  

Olaplex: Prevent Damage, Repair Hair (10 - 40 minutes)

Ideal for chemically treated hair that is already very damaged/prone to breakage or for prevention of the same during lightening services such as bleaching, balayage and highlighting.

Olaplex is a revolutionary hair treatment that enables us to go beyond the surface of the hair damage and actually rebuild broken hair bonds, even as the hair is being coloured. Patented active ingredients work on a molecular level to seek out broken bonds in the hair that are caused by chemical, thermal, and mechanical damage, and repairs them.

The 3-step-process initiates the rebuilding of broken disulfide bonds and begins the process of preventing damage and repairing hair. The second step continues to rebuild and restore any remaining broken bonds ensuring the strongest, shiniest, and healthiest hair possible. The final step is carried out once per week at home (or in the salon with your weekly blowdry) to maintain the repaired bonds within the hair. 

Read more about Olaplex by clicking here.


Prescription Hair Treatment Services

Can Be Booked With Any Blowdrying, Cutting or Hair Colour service.

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